Component Features

TrakNOW components can be configured to meet your specific needs.

District Enterprise Module

  • Menu Planning, Production and Nutrition Analysis
  • Excel Import of Supplier Inventory Databases             
  • Ingredient/Inventory/Commodity, Bid, Recipe and Menu Management
  • Program, Site, Vendor, Central Distribution & Production Definitions 
  • Supports supervisors easily accessing any site and performing site functions
  • Central processing of requisitions for district approval prior to purchase

Download Site Inventory

  • Physical Inventory Counts, Valuation, Perpetual Inventory
  • Pick inventory and list reasons - pick for production, spoilage, expiration, etc.

Download Site Ordering

  • Purchase Orders to Vendors
  • Supply Orders to internal suppliers
  • Requisitions for central approval
  • Supports pre-coded shopping lists
  • Integrated receiving & invoice reconciliation

Download Site Production

  • Edit and forecast menus, add leftovers, make substitutions, track and utilize leftovers 
  • Display Nutrition Analysis or Food Components; Take corrective action
  • Print production worksheets, recipes, pick lists, & deplete inventory automatically
  • Record production, temperatures, usage, meal participation, adult and ala carte sales
  • Print Production Reports customized to each state

Download Auto Order

  • Order based on par; set reorder point, min/max par
  • Order based on menu forecast for multiple menus or sites and any date range
  • Order missing items based on on-hand + on-order - committed
  • Pre-order for all suppliers and break order automatically to multiple suppliers

Central Production

  • Supports Central and Base Kitchens
  • Unlimited serving locations, satellites sites, and other programs
  • Automatically combines requirements, scales production recipes, creates pick lists and Transfer documents
  • Supports both “push” and “pull” configurations

Download Central Distribution

  • Summary picks for staging and truck routes
  • Transfers, reverse transfers and Shipping Tickets
  • Multiple warehouses supported, any site can be a mini-warehouse


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Fully Integrated Web-based Modular Solutions

TrakNOWNutrition On the Web” is USDA-approved for use in certification of compliance with lunch meal requirements.

See: Approval letter..


See Complete Report

TrakNOW is USDA-approved for conducting nutrient analyses.  Click Here to Visit USDA Listing.


See Complete Report

Additional features supporting the display on production records of food components and food component sub groups, such as
red/orange vegetables, have been added to assist users with implementation of the new meal pattern requirements.

TrakNOW comes with the current version of CN, Child Nutrition, database for point and shoot download or copying of over 11,000 ingredient / inventory items, representing over 200 manufacturers, over 100 brands and including serving sizes, nutirtion, and Food Buying Guide information.                  

Reporting includes PDF and Excel formats, plus exports. Preview all reports on screen or send to PDF, Excel, CSV, and HTML at touch of a button.   

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