See individual purchase orders, totals per vendor, school, and item in real time on one screen!
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Business Intelligence

Integrated OLAP Viewer and Multi Data Source Dashboards

The ReportNOW modules utilize the latest in Business Intelligence applications and technologies for spotting trends and analyzing history, providing a comprehensive knowledge of the factors affecting your business and supporting better decision making by administrators and managers.

Dashboards display both real-time and static components in the same presentation. Each report in real-time containers is updated as transactions occur, with user definable refresh rates, and can be programmed to trigger alerts to users. Individual reports and custom dashboards combining several reports at once are provided in each ReportNOW module. Additional views for each report (charts, maps, grids, gauges, forms, etc.) are available including complete drilldown to the most detailed level. Custom report design is provided as a part of PCS BIS, Business Intelligence Solutions. See example Procurement Module dashboard, on the right side, top.

ReportNOW resides in the "cloud" - The PCS-NOW server farm and data warehouse provides nightly processing of historical data through MS Analytical Services resulting in Business Perspectives or Data Marts providing instantaneous reporting via a built-in OLAP viewer. Multiple Data Sources are supported including spread sheets, SQL databases, Access databases, and more, opening up endless possibilities for combining data across systems and platforms, including student information and financial systems.

With ReportNOW you can spot trends and drill down to the details at the touch of your mouse

  • Display participation compared to enrollment and attendance
  • Highlight the gap between forecast and actual meals served
  • Analyze leftover usage and waste
  • Compare finished goods usage with POS sales counts
  • Compare purchases with usage
  • Track usage over time for bidding and purchasing
  • Set thresholds for open P.O. limits and compare to purchases
  • Compare purchases and stock on-hand between school sites
  • Or see how many 11th grade female students of all (or any) ethnicities, ate French Fries, during what period, as in the chart on the right side, bottom…

ReportNOW Business Perspectives and Data Marts include:

ReportNOW Participation Transaction level student participation demographics
ReportNOW Inventory Stock status and stock movement
ReportNOW Procurement Purchasing and receiving
ReportNOW Production Nutrition, menu forecasting and production history
ReportNOW Accountability Summary Meal Accountabilty, Revenues & Expences



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