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"PCS technology has a major impact on our business, including increased participation and revenues, reduced over production and waste, inventory control and management of nutrition and wellness standards. PCS technology touches almost every aspect of our operations and provides automatic implementations of best practices inherent in the software.".

Doug Massey, Assistant Food Service Director - Klein ISD, Texas

"What we get from PCS is "Excellence", both in Products, and in the "caring" that comes along with them from your team.".

Willie Brown, Program Administrator - Anchorage SD, Alaska

"This is the greatest program there is. Response time is very quick, even if I am not in & IT takes my place they are always satisfied.".

Lenny Helms, CNP Technology Specialis - Cullman County Schools , AL

"We have been a customer for more than 10 years and I have probably have had interaction with most of your technical support team during that time. They have always been very helpful in solving issues. They do know what they are doing and most times explain what happen so I can train our staff on what to avoid so the program runs smoothly".

Nancy, Child Nutrition Program Assistant - Osborn SD, AZ

"PCS staff are always very helpful, did a great job as usual".

Robin Smith, Field Supervisor - Hickman Mills SD, MO

"Your staff is always professional and friendly. I have never had a bad experience with PCS in any way".

Luane Moon, Nutrition Services Secretary - Sumter County SD, FL

"I would recommend PCS to every executive in the food service industry, who is looking for new opportunities to reduce costs, without compromising service.".

Doug Massey , Assistant Food Service Director - Klein ISD, Texas

"Cafeteria managers are hired to cook and supervise kitchens, not as expert computer operators- so we needed a program thy could grasp and operate easily. We've found PCS to be - by far - the most user-friendly cafeteria management system. PCS products are obviously built to last- we're still using our original equipment. Choosing PCS has proven to be an excellent decision".

Terry Gooch, Assistant Food Service Director, Ector County ISD, Texas

Dear Sirs:

I would like you to know what kind of customer support employees you have in your employment. I had the opportunity to meet these gentlemen when my school received the PCS system. They were both very friendly upon meeting them, courteous to my staff, and didn't seem to mind the questions I asked, however dumb they might have sounded. They walked me through the whole system and back again. They gave me instances where problems could arise and how I would correct them. These gentlemen also trained my cashier and helped her with problems that occurred at the point of service. She too was nervous at first, but these gentlemen made her feel at ease.

I have talked with the other schools in this district and the comments were all positive. Thank you again for sending these two gentlemen as they made my day a less stressful one!"


Siggy, Milton Middle School, Milton, Delaware

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